Today’s electronic devices require more from active thermal management systems than current solutions can provide. System designers need better airflow solutions to solve complex thermal issues created by industry trends toward smaller, faster, more functional devices with higher component densities and processing power. At the same time, consumers want the comfort of high-performance devices that are lightweight, silent and vibration free.

Take Thermal Management to the Next Level with Ventiva’s Ionic Cooling Engine (ICE®)

ICE® technology generates movement of air particles without any moving parts, noise or vibration. This solid-state cooling engine is suitable for up to 30-Watts Thermal Design Power (TDP) systems, making it the perfect solution for lightweight, ultra-compact, vibration-free, and utterly silent electronic devices. If you’re looking for a paradigm shift in thermal management, Ventiva’s ICE® technology is the answer!

The ICE® technology is based on principles of electrohydrodynamic (EHD) flow, a fascinating science that intersects physics, engineering and fluid dynamics, to move ionized air molecules within an electric field.

The Electric Field

The electric field is created between two small electrodes, a high-voltage wire called the emitter, and a ground electrode called the collector. The electric field generated strips electrons from molecules of nitrogen, oxygen, argon (and other trace elements) in the air, creating ions that are repelled from the positively charged emitter.


The Plasma Field

The plasma field exists in the gap between the emitter and the collector and consists of the ionization zone and the ion drift zone. The ionization zone is very small, just a few microns in width and is located right next to the emitter. As positively charged ions move toward the collector, they enter the ion drift zone where they collide with neutral air molecules. These collisions impart momentum to the neutral air molecules, causing them to move toward the collector. The positively charged ions resume their journeys toward the collector and more collisions with other neutral air molecules occur. Soon there is an avalanche of air molecules in motion. The positively charged ions are picked up by the collector and only neutrally charged air molecules exit the ICE apparatus.

Plasma Field

Intelligent Control

Ventiva’s ICE® technology is not only innovative, but also smart. ICE® continuously monitors its operation and can deliver more or less airflow as an electronic system requires. Combining advanced monitoring and algorithms, ICE’s real-time software can be combined with overall system performance monitoring to provide a robust device-wide thermal solution. Our software helps ICE® to “play nice” in your product. Need ICE® to just act like the noisy blower you want to get rid of? Absolutely. Want to take advantage of ICE’s unique operation in your system? Sure thing. Let us show you how.

Intelligent Control