Ventiva’s patented Ionic Cooling Engine (ICE®) architecture is configurable and scalable, from handheld electronics to consumer televisions, ICE® is solving difficult thermal challenges with ultra-compact solutions that enable air movement in the tightest spaces where axial fans don’t fit. ICE® devices integrate easily into standard electronic assembly workflows with sizes that can be as small as 1/3 of the blowers they are replacing.

Good: Drop-In Replacement

Our drop-in fan replacements are suitable for up to 10-Watt TDP systems and are ideal for situations where deployment time is of utmost importance. Our experts integrate ICE® into existing devices at the subsystem level, addressing low, medium and high system performance needs, to achieve a quick and easy fan replacement. Our drop-in devices are designed to mount into existing systems in the same manner as a traditional blower.

Drop-In Replacement
Dropin Table

Better: Hybrid Solution

Cooling can be further enhanced by implementing a hybrid solution that combines ICE® with traditional heatsinks, heat pipes or fans. In hybrid solutions with fans, the ICE® technology improves thermal performance of the system, allowing fans to remain off most of the time. Fans only turn on during the highest workloads. The potential combinations are numerous and are limited only by a designer’s imagination.

Better-Hybrid Solution
Hybrid Table

Best: Customized Deployment

Because ICE® cooling devices can be scaled to various heights and widths, and since multiple ICE® devices can be used together, either linked to act as a single large device or spread around the system for spot cooling, the achievable cooling capacity covers a wide range. The benefits of customization extend beyond cooling. As more space becomes available, designers can reimagine the entire system. Opportunities for other enhancements, like redesigning the motherboard to improve performance or adding more battery to increase battery life become obtainable.

custom table