Ventiva’s Ionic Cooling Engine (ICE®) represents a quantum leap in thermal management technology. The ICE® technology moves air in a unique way, without moving parts, noise or vibration. Built on the principle of electrohydrodynamic airflow, ICE® harnesses the power of a minuscule plasma field to generate movement of air particles, delivering a potent “solid-state” cooling force suitable for up to 30-Watts Thermal Design Power (TDP) systems. Ventiva’s ICE® technology is a paradigm shift that is revolutionizing thermal management for a new era of lightweight, ultra-compact, vibration-free, and utterly silent electronic devices.

Key Benefits

Silent Operation

  • Utterly inaudible < 15 dBA
  • Quieter than a whisper
  • No moving parts
  • Vibration free


  • 2mm and 5mm tall at varying lengths
  • 5mm x 5mm for handheld devices
  • Enables new form factors

Configurable Solutions

  • Intelligent software-controlled airflow
  • Integrates into a variety of devices
  • Combines with other cooling methods

ICE® Laptop Examples

10-Watt TDP Drop-In Replacements

Our drop-in deployments are suitable for up to 10-Watt TDP systems and are ideal for situations where deployment time is of utmost importance. Our experts integrate ICE® into existing devices at the subsystem level, addressing low, medium and high system performance needs, to achieve a quick and easy replacement of traditional fans. Our drop-in replacements are designed to mount into existing systems in the same manner as fans.

Drop-In Replacement

10 to 20-Watt TDP Hybrid Solutions

Our hybrid deployments combine ICE® technology with traditional thermal solutions and are generally used for 10-to-20-Watt TDP systems. In hybrid solutions, the ICE® technology improves thermal performance of the system by providing airflow in tight spaces where fans cannot reach. The ICE® air mover typically dissipates up to 85% of the heat generated. Blowers can remain off most of the time, only turning on during the highest workloads.

Hybrid Solution

20 to 30-Watt TDP Customized Implementations

To realize the optimal compact, silent and vibration-free potential of ICE® technology requires a collaborative co-design and implementation approach. Our cooling experts get involved early in the system design process to ensure system design objectives are met while customizing for optimal ICE® cooling performance. Customized solutions are well suited for 20-to-30-Watt TDP systems and allow system designers the most freedom to reimagine the entire system in ultra-compact form factors that are noiseless and vibration-free.

Custom Implementation