Ventiva’s ICE® technology provides high-value size and acoustic benefits for an array of electronic applications. ICE® is revolutionizing product design while enhancing the user’s experience.

Notebooks & Laptops

Ultra-thin laptops and notebooks are lightweight and highly portable. However, their performance has been strained by thermal challenges that limit power and functionality. Ventiva’s ICE® technology enables engineers to achieve high performance and processing power in ultra-thin notebooks and laptops, without noise or vibration. ICE® enables a true “fanless” laptop experience.

Notebooks and Laptops
Tablets and Smartphones

Tablets & Smartphones

Tablets and smartphones can push the limits of their thermal envelope, especially when using power-intensive applications like video streaming. Excess heat can cause the device to shut down or damage components over time. ICE® technology provides powerful, yet silent, active cooling for tablets and smartphones.

AR & VR Headsets

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) headsets are complex computing intensive devices, challenged by processing power, size and the fact that they are physically mounted to a user’s head. Small, lightweight, vibrationless headsets are key for market success. Ventiva’s ICE® technology replaces fans in AR and VR headsets, eliminating uncomfortable vibrations and noise while enabling smaller, lighter weight designs.

AR and VR Headsets

High-Definition (HD) Televisions

Whether designing OLED or LED HDTVs, achieving high-resolution wide-angle images within ultra-thin or curved form factors requires high power densities that demand intelligent thermal management solutions. ICE® technology addresses thermal challenges while meeting size and shape constraints of modern HDTVs.

Wireless Charging

When charging wirelessly, both device and charger can become hot to the touch. If the battery gets too hot, the charger may stop charging and the device may shut down. Ventiva’s ICE® technology keeps devices cool to the touch during high-speed charging, protecting you and your device from the dangers of excess heat.

Wireless Charging in Car
Gaming Electronic Devices

Cooling Accessories for Gaming Electronics

With powerful processors and graphic cards, gaming phones require extreme cooling solutions. Cooling accessories that clip onto the back keep the chip underneath cool. But those with traditional fans inside are bulky and noisy. Ventiva’s ICE® cooling technology replaces bulky fans, enabling silent and compact cooling for low-latency performance that professional gamers demand.

Compact Cameras

Webcams and security cameras are advancing rapidly, increasing in capabilities and performance. For example, 4K video at 60 fps with processing features such as facial recognition, slow motion and night vision, experience performance limitations due to excessive heat generated by high-speed processors in small packages. Ventiva’s ICE® technology is ideal for compact cameras.

mmWave 5G Technology

mmWave 5G Technology

Increased power requirements of 5G can cause components to burn out. The entire package must stay below 43°C to prevent overheating. Ventiva’s next generation of ICE® air movers address thermal challenges in 5G devices. Currently in prototyping and testing phase, these new ICE® devices are 50% smaller than today’s smallest axial fans and 10x higher performing, enabling air movement from inside a smartphone without increasing the size or weight of the device.


Ultra-compact mini-PCs are increasing in popularity. They are a fraction of the size of a standard PC and powerful enough for a variety of purposes such as driving digital signage, self-checkout kiosks and media hubs for browsing the internet, playing music and reading the news in public places. Mini-PCs manufactured with ICE® technology are kept cool with silent active cooling that removes heat, enabling the processor to run more efficiently for improved performance.

Automotive Displays

Automotive Displays

Infotainment systems are revolutionizing the driving experience with a wide range of interactive content, controls and multi-media entertainment. As designs trend toward thinner displays with increased power consumption, robust thermal management solutions are essential. ICE® technology provides powerful cooling with silent operation, protecting valuable display electronics from over-heating.

Educational Electronic Devices

Digital technologies that support education immerse learners in a wide array of instructional content that develops reading, science and math skills. Like all electronic devices, thermal management is crucial, but is especially important in educational devices. Studies show that devices with enclosures that get hot to the touch or those with noisy fans have a negative impact on the ability to learn. Ventiva is proud to support designers of educational electronics with ICE® technology for powerful silent cooling. 

Educational Electronic Devices

Internet-of-Things (IoT)

Smart digital devices are  embedded with sensors, software and high-tech electronics that gather information and exchange data with other networked devices. Ventiva is proud to protect these hard-working IoT devices with their ICE® cooling technology, helping people live and work smarter.