Our Mission

To create innovative, compact and silent active cooling solutions that easily integrate into a variety of electronic devices, providing designers of electronic systems with new opportunities to amaze their customers.

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Our Story

Ventiva is built on a foundation of broad electronics industry experience and a passion for innovation. Being very familiar with increasing thermal management issues and the limitations of conventional cooling technologies led us to challenge the status quo of traditional bulky fans and blowers.

Ventiva’s ICE® technology was developed over a 12-year period. The first years were dedicated to research and experimentation in electrohydrodynamic (EHD) flow, a science that intersects physics, engineering and fluid dynamics. This groundwork led to a period of product development. During this time, we applied for and secured many patents for our ICE technology inventions.

Our focus then turned to enhancing the utility and adaptability of the ICE® technology. We collaborated with top-tier electronics companies and OEMs to fine tune our designs. We simplified our methods of integration into existing devices and optimized our custom deployment strategies to become the first new commercial cooling architecture for electronics to be introduced in decades.

Our Headquarters

We are located in Northern California’s Silicon Valley. Our facility is fully equipped for advanced thermal research, product development, prototyping and testing. This is where our skilled engineers and technicians work with each application to ensure our customers’ thermal management goals are met. Here you’ll also find our experts continually enhancing our technology.


Performance and Reliability Testing

At Ventiva, performance and reliability is paramount. That’s why our facility is equipped to perform a full range of tests on our products. Our testing strategy includes validation of:

  • Pressure & Flow Generated
  • Silence
  • RFI / EMI Immunity
  • Humidity & Dust Immunity
  • In-System Lifespan
Performance and Reliability Testing