Ventiva: The Thermal Management Solution for LED Bulbs

Start with a $5 billion market opportunity in LED lighting.

Then introduce heat, which is the key barrier to realizing the full potential of this market.

Enter Ventiva’s thermal management solutions: the optimal way to solve the heat problem in LED lighting.  Because of Ventiva, LED bulb manufacturers can enter this huge market today with bulbs that meet size, function and cost metrics consumers expect.

Ventiva is not about recreating the light bulb.  Ventiva is about bringing the benefits of LED lighting to people around the world using existing fixtures, existing outlets, and existing shapes.

Ventiva: Active Cooling for LEDs

At Ventiva, our sole focus is creating thermal management products that effectively eliminate heat in LED bulbs.  No heat sinks.  No noisy fans.  No ineffective passive cooling schemes or exotic materials required.

Ventiva’s Ionic Cooling Engine™ (ICE) is a silent and highly effective solution that removes up to 30 watts of heat while still enabling LED bulbs to deliver high brightness, warm light in shapes with which consumers are familiar.

At Ventiva, we don’t believe in trying to change 100 years of consumer expectations in lighting.

Ventiva: All About Customers

Ventiva’s dedicated team of technical experts is passionate about helping customers.  We work closely with each customer to ensure our technology is a perfect fit for each light.

The result: LED lighting manufacturers around the world are paying attention to Ventiva. Ventiva is sampling now.

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We’re focusing first on LEDs; stay tuned for the next chapter in our story.  Ventiva’s thermal management technology is applicable to more than just LEDs.  All consumer electronic devices – anything that generates heat in ways that can damage the longevity and function of a product – can benefit from Ventiva.