Ventiva’s Ionic Cooling Engine: ICE™

Ventiva’s world-class team of experts in thermal, consumer electronics and semiconductors have spent years perfecting the technologies and techniques to mass-market ionic wind devices at the scale required by consumer devices.

The Technology

Example of Ventiva’s ICE™ Corona-based air flow process

Ventiva’s ICE™ technology uses an electric field and a specialized emitter and collector to create an ionic (or Corona) wind. Charged ions stream from the Ventiva emitter towards the collector. Along the way, ions collide with air molecules and transfer their momentum, just like billiard balls striking one another on a pool table. The sustained reaction creates air movement.

The result is an air mover without any moving parts, completely silent and very compact which is ideal for cooling consumer devices. The technology is called ICE, and after years of testing and development we are now able to bring this revolutionary approach to thermal cooling to customers.

The benefits of Ventiva’s ICE technology include the ability to:

  • Silently move air
  • Be implemented in very small form factors
  • Have no moving or mechanical parts
  • Be used across a variety of different product designs that are ideal for cost-sensitive electronic devices