Light is Heat

Over 90% of the power used by traditional “A” lamp light bulbs is actually thrown off as heat.

As LEDs replace incandescent and CFL bulbs, removing the heat LED bulbs generate remains as one of the most challenging problems yet to be solved in this market. And, it’s a problem that has restricted the LED lighting market from reaching its true potential.

Until now.

The Ventiva Ionic Cooling Engine™

The Ionic Cooling Engine™ (ICE) is an elegant solution that actively removes as much as 30 watts of heat from LED bulbs.   Because our ionic cooling technology eliminates the need for bulky heat sinks, noisy fans and the need for exotic materials or new fixtures and outlets, manufacturers can build LED bulbs that fit within existing residential and commercial lighting infrastructure and can be mounted in any direction.

But most importantly, Ventiva ICE™ enables LED makers to deliver bulbs that do not require changes to 100 years of consumer lighting behavior.

Benefits of Venitva ICE™

With Ventiva ICE, LED bulbs can deliver high brightness, warm light.

  • Ventiva ICE™ is Small
    Ventiva ICE can be a fraction of the size of typical axial fans and blowers.
  • Ventiva ICE™ is Silent
    Ventiva ICE is an active ionic cooling technology that has no moving parts.
  • Ventiva ICE™ has a Very Long Life
    With no moving parts to fail, Ventiva ICE™ is highly reliable.
  • Ventiva ICE™ is Flexible
    LED bulbs enabled with Ventiva ICE™ thermal management technology can be mounted in any direction, even “upside down.” Additionally, existing fixtures and lighting control mechanisms can be used with no changes required.

Experience the Ventiva ICE™

Contact Ventiva to request a demo of the technology in your office, anywhere in the world.