All consumer electronics devices, whether it is a notebook computer, portable tablet, digital TV, or LED light bulb, gives off heat.  A lot of heat.  In fact, dissipating heat from consumer electronics products is one of the most important challenges to be overcome, according to industry executives.

Enter the Ventiva Cooling Engine™ (ICE).

Ventiva ICE™ is a unique ionic cooling solution that addresses the thermal management problem in consumer electronics devices. The Ventiva ICE™  is ideal for a wide range of electronic products that have a challenge removing heat:

Notebook Computers

The Problem:

Notebooks continue to get “thinner” while trying to deliver more capability to consumers. The result is a growing thermal management problem as notebook manufacturers try to install larger and larger passive and active cooling schemes to remove ever-increasing amounts of heat.  This complicates the design and increases costs.

The Ventiva Solution:

With Ventiva ICE™, heat can be actively removed from notebook computers.  And, because Ventiva ICE™ is small, has no moving parts, a very long life and operates silently, manufacturer’s BOM costs improve as does the consumer experience.

Office Projectors

The Problem:

Office projectors throw off so much heat that loud fans must be used to actively push close to 90°C of heat from the device.  As professionals know, this creates tremendous noise that is highly distracting.

The Ventiva Ionic Cooling Solution™:

With Ventiva ICE™, heat can be silently removed from office projectors.  This promises to bring a new experience to the office environment: allowing meeting participants to focus on the presentation content, not the noisy LED projector.

LED Bulbs

The Problem:

LEDs hold the promise of a “greener” lighting solution for the residential and commercial settings due to lower power consumption and longer life compared to CFL alternatives. However, the heat generated by current LED bulb designs restricts them from providing the proper amount and type of light consumers have come to expect.

The Ventiva Ionic Cooling Solution™:

Using the motionless active cooling technique of Ventiva ICE™, up to 30W of heat can be removed from LED bulbs.  This allows bulb manufacturers to produce very bright warm, white light unheard of in today’s LED industry.

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