Cooling. Evolved.

Introducing the breakthrough
Ventiva Ionic Cooling Solution: ICE™

Free your design with a new type of cool.

Ventiva ICE™ enables noiseless consumer electronics devices without cooling limitations of passive thermal systems

Small & Flexible

Ventiva ICE requires no
air gap and is much smaller
than clunky heat sinks

No Moving Parts

Ventiva ICE offers a vibrationless operation and a high-level of dependability

We are bringing about a revolution
in thermal management

Ventiva’s Ionic Cooling Engine (ICE™) is a hybrid cooling solution with none of the drawbacks of
noisy and failure-prone axial fans, or large and weighty heat sinks.

Ventiva’s ICE provides electronic designers with distinctive ways to reimagine products such as
laptops, smartphones, gaming devices, smart cameras, and more.